Oracle Database 10g Release 2: New Feature Highlights

Released in January 2004, Oracle Database 10g is the first relational database designed for Grid comp uting, delivering information with the highest quality of service, for the lowest possible cost. Only Oracle Database 10g delivers the clustering, workload management, and data center automation required for enterprise grid computing
as well as the ease of use required for small businesses. With Release 2, Oracle’s focus on improving efficiencies and reducing the cost of information management continues. This data sheet highlights some of the new features in Oracle Database 10g Release 2.

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New Features in Oracle 10g for SQL*Plus and iSQL*Plus
James Koopmann

Don’t wait for your shop to get an Oracle 10g database up and running. Download the client software and start using these great new features that will make a few of your everyday tasks a bit more bearable.

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