Setting up a Value Set through Lookups Form

Create your user lookup data

  1. Create a lookup Type and data on the Applications Utilities Lookups form.
  2. Enter codes and meanings.
  3. Note the value you entered for field Type, you will need this information when setting up the Where/Order By block in the value set.

Change responsibility to System Administrator

Navigate to: Application > Validation> Set

  1. Set up your value set.
  2. Value Validation Type should = Table.

Click the Edit Information Button. This will take you to the Validation table Information form.


Table Application = Application Object Library



Meaning = MEANING

Where/Order By: where LOOKUP_TYPE = ‘xxxxx’

 (xxxxx = your Type from step 1)


You can now attach this value set to a flexfield segment and use the Applications Utilities Lookups values in a flexfield.


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