Running Concurrent Program via CONCSUB

For a concurrent program defined via “Define Concurrent Program” form but submitted via CONCSUB, the following parameters can be used by CONCSUB :

PRINTER=<printer name>
NUMBER_OF_COPIES=<number of reports to be printed>
PRINT_STYLE=<printer style to be used>    
LANGUAGE=<language to be used>


CONCSUB apps/apps SYSADMIN “System Administrator” SYSADMIN \

Note: The others parameters which can be used with CONCSUB
are described in the “System Administration User Guide” as follow :

$ CONCSUB <APPS username>/<APPS password> \
<responsibility application short name> \
<responsibility name> \
<username> \
[WAIT=N|Y|<n seconds>] \
<program application short name> \
<program name> \
[PROGRAM_NAME=<description>] \
[REPEAT_TIME=<resubmission time>] \
[REPEAT_INTERVAL= <number>] \
[REPEAT_INTERVAL_UNIT=< resubmission unit>] \
[REPEAT_INTERVAL_TYPE=< resubmission type>] \
[REPEAT_END=<resubmission end date and time>] \
[START=<date>] \
[IMPLICIT=< type of concurrent request> \
[<parameter 1> … <parameter n>]

For parameters that follow the CONCURRENT parameter and include
spaces, enclose the parameter argument in double quotes, then again in
single quotes.


4 comments on “Running Concurrent Program via CONCSUB

  1. Thanks for this succinct listing of CONCSUB and for the little tip at the end. What method do you recommend for discovering the correct program application short names and program long names?

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