Change Title On The Apps Main Window using CUSTOM.PLL

Oracle Applications includes a plsql library file called CUSTOM.PLL. This
library may be used to customize various events of Applications Forms.

CUSTOM.PLL is present in the directory:


Modify the CUSTOM.pll to include the following in procedure ‘event’:


  Set_Window_Property(FORMS_MDI_WINDOW, TITLE, ‘<customized title>’)


  Steps to do the above

1.  Make a backup copy of CUSTOM.PLL.
2.  Open the CUSTOM.pll in the Forms 4.5 Designer.
3.  In the Navigator, expand the node “Program Units” under the library, “Custom”.
4.  Double-click the icon for “CUSTOM (Package Body)…” to open the package body in the pl/sql editor.
5.  Locate the procedure event in the file, i.e. search for “procedure event”
6.  Go past the Sample Code under “Real code starts here”. Add the following between the “begin” and “end event” clauses:


  Set_Window_Property(FORMS_MDI_WINDOW, TITLE, ‘<customized title>’)


7.  Generate CUSTOM.PLL to create CUSTOM.PLX.
    (One ways is to use Menu option File->Administration->Generate)

Additional Notes

1.  The first time this event gets triggered is when you actually open one of Application Forms. Until then, you will continue to see “Oracle Applications” on the root window title bar.
To test, go to Concurrent -> Program -> Define to open up an applications form.  You should see the new title once you enter this form.

2.  You may customize the startup form FNDSCSGN to include:

Set_Window_Property(FORMS_MDI_WINDOW, TITLE, ‘customized title’);

in the WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE or some other appropriate trigger.However, please keep in mind that future upgrades of the applications would overwrite the changes made to this form.

3.  Oracle Forms will use CUSTOM.PLX if available. So be sure to regenerate it after making the changes. 

However, if a .PLX file is missing, Oracle Forms uses the .PLL file. As such, if you do not want to regenerate CUSTOM.PLX, remove it from the directory. In this case, be sure to compile CUSTOM.PLL using the menu option:

file->compile all


5 comments on “Change Title On The Apps Main Window using CUSTOM.PLL

    • create a function and call it in CUSTOM.pll which will check the validation whether it contains characters or not. And if the version is 11.5.10 or higher, you can use form personalization also instead of customizing your CUSTOM.pll.

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