Oracle Applications Release Maintenance Pack Installation Instructions

Subject: Oracle Applications Release Maintenance Pack Installation Instructions.

Section 1: Pre-Update Tasks 

The tasks in this section are required. They can be performed at any time prior to the application of this maintenance pack. Complete them in the order listed. 

1. Determine Required Steps (Optional)

Run TUMS-MP by applying patch 4238286 and following the instructions in the associated readme file. Apply the patch on the administration server node. The Upgrade Manual Script for the Maintenance Pack (TUMS-MP) examines your current configuration and creates a report detailing which of the steps in these instructions you must complete and which steps you can ignore. 

2. Apply the AD Minipack

Apply AD Minipack I.2 (4337683The most recent replacement for this patch is 4712852) on all application tier server nodes. You must have implemented AutoConfig to apply this patch. 

3. Update AutoConfig technology stack template by applying patch 4104924 (Superseded by 3480000- ORACLE APPLICATIONS RELEASE MAINTENANCE PACK).

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